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He Shou Wu Extract (pronounced, huh-show-woo) Also Known As: Polygonum Multiflorum is one of the most important and widely used Chinese tonic herbs. It has been revered for centuries for its ability to prevent premature aging, and enhance youthfulness.

Benefits of the He Shou Wu Extract:

  • Famous for anti-aging and longevity properties
  • The words “shou-wu” actually mean full head of black hair in Chinese, and has been used to produce this effect in China for a millennia.
  • Helps to regulate the hormonal system
  • Revered for sexual energy, fertility, and mental clarity
  • Strengthens the hair, tendons, and blood
  • Supreme blood builder
  • Extremely rich in zinc and iron
  • Assists in production of SOD
  • Calming to nervous system
  • Tonifies kidney and liver function

Organs Supported: Liver, Kidney

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Functions: Tonifies the Liver and Kidneys, nourishes the blood, and augments the essence.he-shou-wu-extract

Powerful Immune Building Properties

Clearly yet another link to longevity is a strong immune system.  He shou wu extract has high levels of iron and zinc, both of which have strengthening properties to the immune system.  People are most commonly deficient in zinc.  In fact, oysters are the highest known food source of zinc, and he shou wu extract exceeds that.  Studies have shown he shou wu to enhance the immunological function of T and B-lymphocytes, and also an enlargement in the thymus glands of the mice test subjects.  The thymus gland helps to not only produce the white blood cells that protect your body, but also do tune up on your lymph nodes.  This gland grows till puberty, and then begins to shrink through old age.  The upkeep of the thymus is also another key that supplements the longevity factor of this herb.  He shou wu has been shown to not only inhibit atrophy of the thymus, but in one study, actually increased the weight of this gland in its test subjects.

The Whole Package

He shou wu extract has been made famous by its legend due to the fact that a once impotent man was not only whirring with sexual desire after taking he shou wu extract, but then married and fathered nineteen children!  Since this was uncovered over one thousand years ago, it has been vastly used to revitalize sex drive, increase sexual fluids in both men and women, and strengthen the sperm and ova.  With the increased sustainable energy, preservation of hair color, increased longevity, and promised youthfulness, he shou wu extract truly runs all the bases to hitting that homerun.

Blood Building at its Finest

Unless you see an acupuncturist or holistic healer, the idea of building blood may not seem that high up on the list of health priorities.  However, blood is extremely important to delivering nutrients to your cells throughout your body and carrying toxins out.  Everything we eat and the air we breathe compromises the quality of our blood, which then allows toxins to remain in our bodies, most of the time getting stored in the fat cells of our bellies.  He shou wu extract allows our body to build high quality blood and increase the circulation we need to move and store nutrients and cleanse out the toxins that enter daily, and with its high amounts of iron, it is not easily matched in this category.  Although some may need it more than others, everyone can benefit from blood building.  The truth is, most of us do not get enough iron in our diets, and if your body has been stagnating toxins within your belly fat, you may even be able to lose that when taking a strong blood builder such as he shou wu extract.

Nervous Wreck? – Not Anymore!

He shou wu extract is a powerful yin jing tonic, helping to restore sexual fluids, build blood and tonify the kidney and liver, but one of its most powerful attributes, is its calming effect on the nervous system.  This does not mean it will make you tired, as in fact it is also taken to increase true energy within the body, but it has notable effects on easing the nervous system, inducing relaxation and a profound grounding.  He shou wu’s magnificent levels of zinc also help to reduce stress and create an inner-calm.  The high levels of MAO-B mentioned earlier in the article also supplement this effect, as the mood-enhancement from the increased dopamine within your brain can provide great benefit for your nervous system.  He Shou Wu extract is also something that strengthens the body’s functional reserves, that “battery pack” of deep, primordial energy that our body uses just to live. Since he shou wu extract contains the Yin Jing, it also contains that foundational energy that we pull from all the time.  It’s what nourishes, hydrates, and feeds the whole body, so we can run at our top efficiency by day, and close our eyes with content and rest easy by night.


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Ingredients: Pure Prepared He Shou Wu Extract. This product is Wild-Crafted, Vegan and Kosher. It is GMO and Gluten Free. It’s also free from soy, added sugar, salt, lactose, preservatives, or any other fillers.

Potency: 20:1 Exact - This means it takes 20 pounds of raw herb to produce 1 pound of pure extract.

Best Way To Use:

  • Drink It Up: Add herbs to 8oz of hot water and enjoy as a tea (optional: add sweetener such as stevia).
  • Blend It Up: Blend it in your favorite smoothie, protein shake, or tea.
    We personally love it blended up with BulletProof Coffee (email us for recipe :)
  • Warm It Up: Add herbs to your next raw or warm blended soup.
  • Mix It Up: Add to your favorite raw or whole food recipe to supercharge.
  • Eat It Up: Herbs can be eaten directly to experience the full taste.


Directions: Add ½ - 1 tsp. of herbal extract. Drink 1 -2 times a day and feel the difference!


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