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Effects of Chronic Stress to Health & Relief Through Nature

Whether it’s the pull of family, raising kids, or a bustling high-power job, stress is something we can never completely defeat. Instead, it becomes a fixture in our lives: a troublesome friend we can only …

By Primal Herb

Rhodiola: 12 Powerful Health Benefits (What The Studies Say)

Adaptogens are powerful herbal ingredients that can have amazing impacts on health. In the grand scheme of things, however, the idea of an “adaptogen” is only a recent discovery. On the other hand, ancient knowledge …

By Primal Herb

Passion Flower: A Natural Remedy for Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia

For a flower as unique as it is enchanting, it can be hard to think that far more secrets lay beneath its inconspicuous petals—save for delicious passion fruit, of course. And yet, traditional herbalists and …

By Primal Herb


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