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Leaky Gut & Licorice Root Does It Help?

Diet can be such a hard thing to stay on top of in our lives. The challenge is all the greater when we have pratfalls all around us we easily fall into: inflammatory and low-quality …

By Primal Herb

ADHD & Autism: Can Herbs and Mushrooms Help?

Many neurological disorders are often overlooked—and some are hard to understand. What more, there are very few mainstream solutions or options for helping or treating some of them, especially the most misunderstood ones. Plenty of …

By Primal Herb

How to Banish Brain Fog & Boost Brain Function

What Exactly Is Brain Fog? Unclear on what brain fog is? Even for those not familiar with it, the definition of brain fog can be just as cloudy as it sounds. The established definition of …

By Primal Herb


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