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Improve Memory With Rosemary & Medicinal Mushrooms

It’s that classic story: you walk into a room and forget why you even went there in the first place. Was it for your car keys? Cell phone? Wallet? You can’t remember. Whatever it was …

By Primal Herb

Combat Fibromyalgia with the Help of Reishi Mushroom

Nature can come in handy for some of the most under-explored, over-looked, and frustrating illnesses in the world. Some of these conditions have been around for thousands of years. And yet, medical science still doesn’t …

By Primal Herb

Mitochondria For Endless Energy & Optimal Health

Some aspects of health may encourage us to look at things a little differently—and in some cases, in a much, much smaller way. We ask ourselves: why am I feeling more tired today? Why do …

By Primal Herb


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