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Organic Matcha Latte (Vanilla) Pure Focused Energy!

I love making “Bulletproof” Coffee in the morning, but when I started making this Organic Matcha Latte (Vanilla). The effects were very positive. The energy from the fats & caffeine is immediate and lasting. One of the …

By Primal Herb

Immune Tonic That Works Everytime!

When we understand the body and how natural compounds can support a healthy immune system, capable of eliminating cancer cells, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses.  It can become a powerful addition for our overall health …

By Primal Herb

We Need Doctors That Perscribe This!

These guys delivered an award-winning message in a minute and a half. I suggest you get your dose today! Research: STANFORD STUDY ON THE MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS OF SPENDING TIME OUTDOORS “These results suggest that …

By Primal Herb

Increase Hormone Levels Naturally – This Is What I Do!

For as long as man has wanted a better body, he’s been looking for a wonder drug that will give it to him. Of course, you know there’s no substitute for hard work and consistency …

By Primal Herb

Paleo Pizza (Chicken) With Chaga Mushroom – No Crust!

Amazingly easy and oh so delicious –  Paleo Pizza (no crust) that will keep you satisfied for hours without the crash. We love good healthy food and challenge you to Make it and share your …

By Primal Herb