In the world of natural healing, there’s something for everyone— whether male, female, or anywhere in between.

Ancient texts and herbal lore reflect this in a certain way, too.

Back when we relied more on botanical medicine, there were specific herbs ascribed more to men than women (and vice versa). But does that mean women can’t take men-focused herbs, and men can’t take herbs typical for women?

Definitely not. Science shows herbs for men’s health can have benefits for women, too; plus, when it comes to our women’s health formula (Yin Synergy) there’s plenty in it for men who decide to take it too if they so choose.


Every yang has its yin: that is, its female side and opposite. Instead of selecting herbs known to boost reproductive health in men, we chose just the opposite herbs for Yin Synergy in order to offer optimal benefits for women’s health.

According to both recent studies and historical use, Yin Synergy’s herbs are known to be immensely helpful to women’s health symptoms. These herbs are:

  • Damiana (Turnera diffusa)
  • Epimedium (Epimedium spp.)
  • Goji berry (Lycium barbarum)
  • Maca (Lepidium meyenii)
  • Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides)
  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus)
  • Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris)

We made sure to choose a powerful herbal arsenal against female issues.

Research and tradition alike hold that these are among the most likely to help many symptoms and conditions, including:

  • Low estrogen levels
  • Low fertility
  • Inflammation (caused by menstrual or reproductive disorders)
  • Low drive and desire
  • Anxiety, stress and depression
  • Reduce the risk of reproductive disorders
  • Menopause symptoms


Each herb in Yin Synergy has a role to play for women—but, also, for men.

While historical evidence and science suggest these herbs are great for women there’s just as much science out there making the case that these are just as much men’s herbs as women’s herbs, too—only the roles these herbs play may be a little different.

The herbs found in Yin Synergy truly have something for everyone.

The properties they may provide for men’s health include:

We that these herbs are beneficial for women—but what benefits do they have for men? Let’s take a look.


Damiana is just as much an herb for men as it is for women. In its native region of Mexico (and other parts of Latin America), the herb was used for boosting reproductive health regardless of gender.

For men, damiana was especially used (and useful) for increasing drive and desire.

Does scientific research reflect this? So far, the answer seems to be yes. In a few studies, including this one from 2014, the herb had what was described as “pro-sexual” effects. What this means: the herb showed an ability to both support healthier blood pressure while promoting relaxation. Both can aid drive, energy, and function.

But damiana’s benefits don’t end there.

As it turns out, damiana may also have a very protective effect on the male reproductive system, too, as an antioxidant herb, which could mean it reduces the chance of reproductive disease.

In this study, for example, male test subjects were given compounds that caused toxicity within their reproductive systems. But, when they were given damiana extract, it appeared that it helped keep the toxicity—and its negative effects—at bay.

Damiana may aid men’s health by:

  • Increasing drive, energy, and performance
  • Protecting the male reproductive system


Though research shows epimedium is a powerful contributor to women’s health, it’s really in its element as a men’s herb (though everyone should know how great it is for the nervous system, too).

Epimedium (or horny goat weed) is practically synonymous with men’s health.

As one of the most popular herbal supplements out there for energy, drive, and desire, any man considering Yin Synergy for his own health can rely on epimedium’s world-famous powers—which, according to studies, include boosting testosterone, increasing fertility, and strengthening both reproductive organs and their functions.

Owing to additional research out there, however, epimedium may also be like damiana in how it helps men—more specifically, in how it has a “protective” action for the male reproductive system.

In essence, it has antioxidant actions, meaning it can fight free radicals and thus protect the male reproductive system against illness, degeneration, and dysfunction.

Epimedium may aid men’s health by:

  • Increasing drive, energy, and performance
  • Boosting and regulating testosterone levels
  • Improving fertility and sperm count
  • Protecting the male reproductive system


An antioxidant-rich superfood berry like goji is bound to be good for just about anyone, man or woman. But on the subject of men’s health, this ancient Chinese remedy could pack a more powerful punch than anyone might have ever realized.

Some may even claim goji could be called “nature’s Viagra.”

Studies haven’t yet proven this to be the case. But one study did show it helped some dysfunction in older test subjects. While it’s certainly no Viagra pill, it could be indirectly good for men’s health when taken on the daily, studies suggest.

Is that all goji can do for men, though? Not quite.

According to studies like this one, goji isn’t just good for the amorous side of men’s health. It could also be beneficial for men wanting to conceive and raise a family, too, since it appeared to restore healthy production of sperm in test subjects that were experiencing a low sperm count.

Goji berry may aid men’s health by:

  • Increasing drive, energy, and performance
  • Improving fertility and sperm count


An herb like maca is so strongly associated with female health that some men may be too hesitant to take it.

Interestingly, studies suggest men should very much give maca a chance.

According to studies, the herb’s powdered root does quite a bit for male health. It increases fertility by raising sperm count, while also helping restore and balance healthy hormone levels.

What’s more, the herb was used alongside a placebo and the herb was still found to be much more effective. And that’s not even the end of the list of perks maca may have for men!

This South American root could also be a great way to naturally boost testosterone levels in men, studies show. And as men know full well, keeping those testosterone levels up and healthy can bring a whole bounty of other benefits: including improved hair growth, increased energy, and an easier time building muscle, and much more.

Don’t mock maca just yet—it could be good for health to give it a chance.

Maca root may aid men’s health by:

  • Improving fertility and sperm count
  • Boosting and regulating testosterone levels


Deep in the Amazon where the herb muira puama originates, its original use was said to be as an aphrodisiac: for increasing vitality, performance, and energy.

As it was back then, so it may very well be the same today.

More studies are needed to fully prove and demonstrate exactly how it works to this end. But some preliminary studies already suggest that its aphrodisiac powers are very real; including this study, where it was tested alongside many other herbs with aphrodisiac claims.

In addition to its bedroom benefits, muira puama may just be the ideal herb to take for those would-be future fathers and family starters out there.

Why? Because, according to this study, this Amazonian plant may have a way of protecting, improving, and proliferating sperm health: both by increasing sperm quality and sperm numbers, and thus boosting overall fertility.

Use of herbal extracts appeared to do just that on male subjects in the study, though to be sure of its effects in this light, more studies may be needed.

Muira puama may aid men’s health by:

  • Increasing drive, energy, and performance
  • Improving fertility and sperm count


Yet another herb strongly associated with women, men still shouldn’t knock shatavari. While there’s plenty of health properties in the herb for women, there are plenty to go around for men as well.

Can men expect the same level and quality of health benefits, though?

According to studies, there’s nothing to suggest this isn’t the case. In this study, for example, one strain of shatavari was shown to boost fertility, energy, and reproductive function altogether in all test subjects, male or female.

What’s even more surprising: in this major review of the Indian Ayurvedic herb, shatavari was actually considered the ultimate (and ORIGINAL) chosen herb for men in herbal Ayurvedic practice, while ashwagandha was deemed the best herbal tonic for women.

Very promising results and history on shatavari indeed— though more studies are needed to fully explore shatavari’s benefits to men in our modern day and age.

Shatavari may aid men’s health by:

  • Increasing drive, energy, and performance
  • Improving fertility and sperm count
  • Protecting the male reproductive system


While traditionally used for female health issues, tribulus was also commonly used for men, too.

Tribulus was especially helpful for sluggish reproductive function and energy.

Though there are no studies that far in the past to prove this, research today—like this study— show the herb can perk drive, desire, and fertility back up in male test subjects. A very promising find indeed!

It would also appear that tribulus may be capable of revving up reproductive health and energy through its ability to increase hormone levels, including testosterone.

This was seen here in a study involving test subjects that experienced low hormone levels as a drug side effect—but results showed that tribulus herb was very good at counteracting this, and it also helped bring hormone levels back up.

Tribulus may aid men’s health by:

  • Increasing drive, energy, and performance
  • Improving fertility and sperm count


Men can find just as much satisfaction as women with these stellar herbs in our Yin Synergy formula.

Though none of these are proven to be replacements or enhancements for any reproductive therapy, they may provide holistic support for fertility, energy, drive, performance, and overall reproductive health.

In their final pure and prepared form, the herbs in Yin Synergy include:

  • Organic Damiana Extract (20:1)
  • Organic Epimedium Extract (10% Icariins)
  • Organic Goji Extract (40% Poly)
  • Organic Maca Extract (20:1)
  • Organic Muira Puama Extract (20:1)
  • Shatavari Extract (20:1)
  • Organic Tribulus Extract (90%)
  • Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit – For Flavoring)
  • Organic Black Pepper Fruit Extract (10% Piperine To Boost Bioavailability)

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