When we understand the body and how natural compounds can support a healthy immune system, capable of eliminating cancer cells, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses.  It can become a powerful addition for our overall health and well-being. This  “Potent Immune Boosting Tonic” is designed to help the body maintain a powerful defense system.

immune tonic


Immune Tonic Step by Step – Enjoy!

Total Time: 8 minutes



3 Inches of Fresh Sliced Ginger
Benefits: Cold and Flu Prevention, Reduce Pain and Inflammation, Maintains Normal Blood Circulation, Improves absorption, Combats Stomach Discomfort, Fights Common Respiratory Problems, and Strengthens Immunity.



Turmeric Roots3 Inches of  Fresh Sliced Turmeric (Preferred) OR 1 tsp of Turmeric Powder
Benefits: Anti-Inflammatory & Pain, Kills Cancer Cells, Anti-Depressant, Protects the Liver, Lowers Blood Cholesterol, Anti-Fungal, Healing to The Skin, Brain and Memory Aid.




jar of honey

1 tsp. Raw Honey: If you can Raw Manuka Honey

Benefits: Taste Amazing :), Rich in Amino Acids/Vitamins, Sleep Aid, Anti-Inflammatory, Promotes Good Intestinal Bacteria Growth.




1 tsp. of Optimal Immune: Medicinal Mushrooms & Astragalus 

Benefits: Comprehensive Immune Support & Powerful Antioxidant, Increases Metabolism and Energy, Adaptogenic, Supports Cardiovascular System, Reduces Stress,  DNA Support, Promotes Longevity. Read More…





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Immune Tonic