CARDIO BLD-FLOW: Heart & Circulation Support


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Support Heart, Circulation, and Boost Nitric Oxide*


Boost Blood Flow & Circulation

Helps Reduce High Blood Pressure

Improve heart health

Enhance Stamina & Endurance

Support optimal heart and muscle performance

Exercise Recovery

Boost Bedroom Performance

Improve Circulation to Extremities (warmer hands and feet)

Improve Vein Health

Lower cholesterol levels

Helps Boost energy

Effective, All Natural – Plus a 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee!

What Customers Are Saying:

Formulated to Support Circulation and Cardiovascular Strength 

Each Ingredient Must-Have Historical Use and Independent Studies!

What exactly goes into our CARDIO BLD-FLW formula? We chose each completely natural addition because of its proven effectiveness, safety, research, and historical use.

Beetroot Powder

Going all the way back to ancient Roman times, the benefits of beetroot has been well-known. Even throughout the Middle Ages, health practitioners would use beets to help boost health.

Today, researchers have found that beetroot can provide powerful cardiovascular support. Its properties can help lower blood pressure. Numerous studies have also verified its ability to boost athletic performance!

Hibiscus Flower Extract

This beautiful tropical flower is used in teas worldwide and goes by the name “sour tea” in Iran. Health practitioners in various cultures use hibiscus for everything from smoothing and soothing skin to maintaining body temperature to improving circulation.

Researchers have also found that the flower can be a powerful health boost. It is rich in antioxidants, which can help fight the signs of aging. Studies have found it can help improve blood pressure, boost good cholesterol, and improve overall health.

Garlic Bulb Extract

In ancient Greece, Olympic athletes would take the pungent herb to improve their athletic performance. Beyond its performance-enhancing qualities, ancient health practitioners revered garlic for its many health-boosting capabilities.

Today, researchers have found garlic has a number of impressive health benefits. Some studies found it is as effective as certain medication in lowering blood pressure. Its ability to improve blood flow also reduces the risk of dementia and cognitive decline. In addition, garlic has anti-fatigue compounds to help boost energy.

Panax Ginseng

Given the nickname “true ginseng,” Panax ginseng has exploded in popularity recently because of its many benefits. It has been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries and packs a healthy punch.

As a potent antioxidant, researchers have found that it can boost heart health and increase bedroom satisfaction. Studies also show that even a single dose can help improve memory and boost cognition. Research also verified its ability to improve the mood and lessen depression.


The root of a flowering plant from Southeast Asia, ginger is well known for its warm flavor. However, ancient practitioners around the world have also used the spice to boost health. Today, researchers have confirmed its many benefits.

Early studies show that it can help boost heart health and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. Ginger also provides numerous neuroprotective benefits to increase attention, speed, and memory quality.

Pine Bark

The hardy pine tree has found a way to grow all over the world. Recognizing its robust qualities, many cultures have used various parts of the pine tree to help keep them healthy and strong for centuries. Indigenous peoples long revered bark for its ability to heal wounds and stop scurvy.

Today, researchers have found pine bark has many health-boosting qualities. It is full of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to help keep the heart healthy and strong. Studies have found it can improve athletic performance, improve cognition, and boost bedroom performance. Research has also found it can help reduce the chances of atherosclerosis.

CARDIO BLD-FLOW also includes piperine, the active alkaloid chemical found in the rinds of black pepper fruits (or corns). This compound immediately increases the bioavailability of all other powerful plant compounds added to this blend – so you can really feel the difference!*

We Only Cultivate & Harvest The Purest Sourced Botanicals

Heart & Circulation Support – No Matter How You Mix It!

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We Only Cultivate & Harvest The Purest Sourced Botanicals

How and When To Use CARDIO BLD-FLOW

  • Add 1/2 tsp to hot water, coffee, tea, or smoothie.
  • CARDIO BLD-FLOW can be taken day or night – with or without food, so enjoy!
  • We recommend once or twice daily, but most importantly listen to your body (if it requires more, less, or none:)