This was our second harvest from the same Stokes Purple Potato. It amazes us how much can be produced from the same original potato. Nature provides and is so meditative in the process.

We chose the Stoke Purple Potato for its nutrient density and antioxidant content, which has been shown to be higher than even the Japanese Okinawan Purple Potato. The taste is superb especially when baked with a little fat such as duck fat and sprinkled with some Himalayan sea salt – delicious!

We’re in no way experts at growing potatoes and have been learning along the way. We’ll get better with each growing season. Let’s learn together so if you have any knowledge to add, please feel free.

Beverage of choice in the video:

Prepared He Shou Wu
Cinnamon Sticks
Dash of Stevia

Enjoy the video and as always we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Wishing you wellness – Peace!

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