The Standing Desk has exploded in popularity over the last year and a half. I initially was skeptical but taking the time to go through the research/studies I’m convinced and have recently converted my desk (standing desk conversion kit) using items purchased at I’ll show you the exact conversion setup and links directly to Amazon. The results were immediate and powerful, but first let’s discuss some of the health hazards of sitting for prolonged periods of time.

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Sitting Yourself to an Early Death

Now you probably think that the title is a little overkill? The fact is the research is out and shows an increase mortality rate from all causes. Just let that sink in for a moment – I don’t want you to look at this negatively, instead see the opportunity for making a small change that can have a profound impact on optimizing your health. Here’s what some of the research indicates for prolonged sitting:

  • 50% increase risk of death from any cause
  • 125% increaseย risk of cardiovascular diseases such as chest pain or heart attack.
  • A 2011 study found a decline in insulin response just after one day of prolonged sitting.
  • A 2008 study found that people who sat for longer periods during their day had significantly higher levels of fasting blood glucose, indicating that their cells became less responsive to insulin, with the hormone failing to trigger the absorption of glucose from the blood.
  • Studies have linked sitting to a higher risk of colon and breast cancer.
  • Muscle degeneration such as a weak core, limp glutes and tight hips all resulting in a bad back.
  • Inflexible spine and disc damage
  • Leg disorders such as poor circulation and soft bones


sitting-harm_desk-job redo

This list can continue, but I’m sure you’re starting to get the idea. Still not convinced that a standing desk is right for you? Then how about the increase cognitive function and productivity. That’s right the trend in the research indicate an increase in both.

The recent study from Texas A&M Universityย suggests students cognitive functions improve when using a standing desk.

When you consider the research, it’s no surprise that more companies from startups to large corporations such as Google and Facebook are giving the option to employees of using a standing desk. One Facebook employee told the Wall Street Journal, “I don’t get the 3 o’clock slump anymore, I feel active all day.”

I do a lot of research and self-experimentation before recommending anything. I can say firsthand that the standing desk has increased my focus, energy, and work output noticeably and would recommend it without hesitation.

Standing takes some getting used to (Ouch my feet hurt)

The first time at my standing desk went something like this. Wow, this is cool. I immediately felt more productive and focused. I was accomplishing tasks quickly and accurately. However, within the first few hours, I started to feel my legs and feet become a little sore. It’s expected, just like anything else you have to get used to it and develop the muscles and endurance. Here are coupled things to help with the transition and overall best practices.

  • Anti-Fatigue Mat/Pad – great for providing support and reducing fatigue and discomfort.
  • Balance Board: I’m using something similar And find the benefit of being able to reposition the feet and legs comfortably very beneficial, at the same time increasing balance.
  • One leg stretch: this reminds me of how birds will stand once in a while, and I have to say it feels fantastic.

one leg standing stretch

  • Squats: you’re already standing so you might as well get a little exercise. Squats help to build the muscles and help with circulation.

The biggest takeaway here is movements, even subtle movements such as rebalancing your position rotating your feet in a circular motion can help tremendously with any discomfort or fatigue.

So you decided that you want a standing desk now what?

The price of a brand-new standing desk can be quite high, so I decided to convert my current desk using items found at (standing desk conversion kit). Here’s what I bought and the result:

The first thing I needed was something that allowed me to bring my monitors up to the correct level. There are many different options, such as a small table, monitor arm, monitor stand, etc. I decided on the Eli Tech aluminum dual monitor stand. It was the perfect height and went well with my current office setup.

Monitor Standing for standing desk

Next, I have two nice monitors, but they’re a little older. They don’t have the required Versa mount, so I needed to purchase an adapter. This particular adapter allows monitors 20 inches to 30 inches to connect easily via the Vesa mount.

Standing desk versa adpater

The rise of the keyboard! Now, I needed to figure out how to increase the height of my keyboard to a standing position. I tossed around a few ideas and settled with a laptop desk stand mount, by a company called Mount-It. This unit allows for easy adjusting and has an articulated vented platform for the laptop, BUT in my case for the keyboard. I have to admit it’s pretty badass. Once I had this setup, I felt like a captain of a ship at the control center.

Stand Mount

Wireless keyboard (optional). I needed a new keyboard, so I decided to get one that would fit the stand mount. The Logitech wireless touch keyboard with built-in touchpad was the exact width dimension needed for the platform, and it works perfectly!


The total cost for the standing desk conversion kit including shipping $231.32 (not a bad investment with such a high return). Once I had all the components putting it together took me about an hour.

Standing Desk Conversion Kit

This my current setup and I can honestly say I’ll never go back to a sitting desk again. Now don’t get me wrong I still take the time to sit and relax from standing but the majority of my day is now spent standing and moving. This one simple change can have a dramatic outcome in the quality and productivity of your life. I highly recommend moving this to the top of your list of things to do. If you decide to make that change or if you already have a standing desk, please share your experience, so others may become inspired to do the same.

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