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The Unseen Dangers of 5G – Do you Need to Be Concerned?

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master” – Chrisitan Lous Lange

Go on any public transportation, wait in line at the DMV, or sit in the waiting room at a doctor’s office and you’ll likely see everyone doing the same thing: scrolling through their phone. Technology is so woven into modern life that most of us are unaware that we spend almost every waking minute using it.

While technology has made life easier, faster, and more entertaining than ever, how safe is it?

While we know about the unseen dangers in our air, water, ground, and food, many health experts neglect to mention how EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies, can erode our health and wellbeing.

For years, scientists and researchers have voiced their concerns about how WiFi and EMF exposure is affecting our health. However, government officials and the FCC have only increased our exposure around the world. In fact, the latest form of wireless technology, 5G, is the most powerful form of EMF to date.

If you don’t live in an area affected by 5G, you probably soon will be. Experts estimate that 40% of the globe will have 5G technology by 2024.

Here’s what you need to know about 5G, the dangers it poses, and how to protect yourself in the modern era.

What is 5G?

Cellular technology has had some of the greatest effects on our modern life. While the internet was once confined to a wired desktop, cell solutions allow us to carry it around in our pocket and access it nearly anywhere.

The initial technology was large, slow, and cumbersome. Each new generation of cellular technology, or “G,” has allowed us access to faster and more reliable service. Mobile usage went from being a second-rate option when the average person could not reach their computer to the preferred way to access the internet. Today, mobile usage accounts for half of the global web traffic.

While previous generations, 2, 3, and 4G, simply created faster internet speed, the latest 5G provides enhanced broadband and capacity requirements. It promises superior technology with reduced latency, greater precision, and the ability to provide reception even with population density.

As a result, businesses are anxious to get the newest technology to improve their applications and work faster than ever. Many cities have also embraced technology and sought to become completely 5G. Los Angeles, Denver, and Detroit are just a few of the 5G cities today.

However, this technology does come with a price.

The Dangers of 5G and EMF Exposure

While businesses and government officials are more focused on the advantages faster and more reliable technology can bring, especially in population-dense areas, they neglect to pay attention to the concerning science behind the technology.

While leaders from the FCC claim that EMF and 5G are harmless, there are currently over 500 studies on EMF exposure that show it is a cause for concern. As a result, corporations have sponsored studies of their own to try to prove it is safe. These studies lead to the well-documented phenomena known as “funding bias” that pharmaceutical, tobacco, and sugar corporations used in the past to try to confuse the science. 

However, the science available on EMF has left many researchers concerned with the lack of publicly funded research and exposing the public without their knowledge or consent. And 5G technology may prove to be the most dangerous yet.

How is 5G Different from WiFi?

While WiFi comes with a significant amount of danger, 5G takes it to a more amplified level. That is why over 250 scientists signed what is known as the 5G Appeal. The appeal asks that leaders stop 5G deployment until the government can fund the research needed on its safety and not rely on industry-funded research.

Listen to this Dr. Sharon Goldberg drop truth bombs at the 5G Hearing:

One of the main issues unique to 5G technology is that it uses millimeter waves, or MMW, that do not travel as far as the previous generations did. That means that 5G requires more towers to emit radio frequencies, especially in more population-dense areas.

The millimeter waves are more easily absorbed by the skin than other EMF technology, which is an additional cause for concern. This means it can affect the skin, eyes, and testes, which can cause problems for future generations.

5G also uses higher and lower frequency bands than previous technology. Researchers have studied the higher microwave frequency between 24 GHz and 300 GHz for its adverse effects on human health.

Some of the potential dangers of WiFi, EMF, and 5G exposure include:

Increased Risk of Cancer

In 2011, when the world still mostly used 3G technology, the research was concerning enough that the World Health Organization classified radiofrequency as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

There have been a number of studies that show a correlation between cell usage and cancer. While correlation does not equal causation, the research is strong enough to warrant caution when using cell technology.

The most substantial research has found a link between cell phones and brain cancer. A meta-analysis from 2018 found that long-term cell phone usage increased the risk of glioblastomas in adults. Glioblastomas are the most aggressive and deadliest cancer within the brain.

Other research has found this link as well. One review of 23 studies found a “harmful association,” while a different review of 11 studies also discovered a correlation between cell usage and brain tumors.

However, the increased risk of cancer is not limited to the brain. Researchers have found an increased risk of thyroid cancer, leukemia, breast cancer, and oral cancer. Most of the research is limited, though, based on what scientists actually study. A study on rats, for example, showed that those who were exposed nine hours a day for two years developed tumors in both their brain and heart.

Considering that most of us have our phones on or near our body 24 hours a day for years, it is concerning that tumors and cancer appear so quickly.

Increased Absorption of Radiation

5G radiation is much like microwaves that most people have in their kitchen. Dr. Yael Stein from the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem outlined in a letter to the FCC and U.S. leaders why this is particularly problematic to human health:

The skin can absorb a large amount of radiation and is estimated to absorb over 90% of it. Not only can our skin act as a sponge to radiation, but our sweat ducts are antennas to the radiation as well. All of this means that the human body, and especially the skin, is especially vulnerable to 5G radiation. 

Most concerning to Dr. Stein? There has been little to no research on what this means. In particular, this can be especially troubling for children, pregnant individuals, and the elderly.

The limited research on previous technology shows that there is an increase in issues even without microwave radiation. For example, one study found that women with dark-colored eyes had a significantly increased risk of developing melanoma in the eye.

Mental Decline

While our society has made life easier and more pleasurable than ever, a shocking number of people experience mental pain and distress. The rising number of those suffering from depression and anxiety and the alarming increase in addiction and suicide all point to serious underlying issues within modern life.

The newest research has found a disturbing correlation between mental health and EMF exposure.

Scientists have known for a while that EMF exposure has a direct effect on the brain. One study on rats found that EMF exposure causes brain cell death. Another 2014 study also found that within 30 minutes of exposure, EMF had demonstratable effects on the brain.

However, it is only recently that researchers have found what these changes in brain structure mean to humans. A 2019 study found that low-frequency EMF exposure, a risk with 5G, increased the risk of depression, stress, anxiety, and poor sleep. Another 2018 study found that microwave radiation leads to neuropsychiatric effects, including depression.

Is it any surprise with this research that those with the highest cell phone usage, particularly teenagers, also have greater rates of depression and suicide?

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The most recent research has also found that it affects long-term mental health as well. A study from 2019 found that EMF exposure induced oxidative stress and cytotoxicity. Researchers found that this stress and toxicity in the brain contributed to the risk of developing both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

For those concerned with their mental health and wellbeing, healthy lifestyle changes might not be enough to make considerable progress. Instead, we also need to consider our exposure to EMF and 5G technology.

Genetic Changes

One of the most exciting discoveries in the past few years of biological research is the concept of epigenetics. For years, most scientists viewed our genetics as a black box that went untouched. Whether we developed a disease or the genetics that we passed on to our children was a matter of chance that we had little to nothing to do with it. 

Instead, now we know that our genes can be turned “on” or “off” based on our choices and environment. Eating well, filtering our water, and practicing stress-reduction techniques, for example, all help to lower our chances of developing diseases even if we have the genetic code that could set them off.

While we may make healthy lifestyle choices in an attempt to create favorable gene expression, EMF exposure could quietly be undermining our efforts. Research has found that it can create changes in our genes that could have effects for generations.

One study found that EMF was associated with oxidative DNA damage. Another found that even 950 MHz changed gene expression in rats. Yet a third study found that 1950 MHz may cause genetic alterations in some human cells.

A review of 16 studies from around the world sought to explore the effect of radiofrequency on our genes. Of those, 13 found exposure to radio frequencies resulted in an increase in genetic damage. A 2018 review of multiple studies found that EMF induces oxidative stress, leading to potential DNA damage.

Keep in mind that most of these studies were exploring the effects of 2G and 3G. Scientists are not sure yet what the consequences of amplified 5G are on our genes. This all means that parents, and those who hope to become parents one day, should be taking extra care when it comes to EMF exposure and technology.

Mitochondrial Damage

Our mitochondria are essential to every aspect of our health. Because it plays a central role in cell life, mitochondria are associated with a number of functions. However, when the mitochondria are damaged, it leads to many diseases. Just a few include cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, inflammation, and neurodegenerative disorders.

When we care for our mitochondria, or in the words of world-respected neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse become a “Mitochondriac,” we can live longer and healthier lives.

EMF is shown to cause mitochondrial damage, which has led to many of the effects listed above. A study from 2016 showed that exposure to EMF induced mitochondrial permeability. A recent study published in 2021 also found that EMF led to oxidative stress on the body. This stress leads to free radicals that can damage the mitochondrial DNA, leading to a number of diseases.

A 2018 review of several studies found that the oxidative stress on the mitochondria led to damage to both the male and female reproductive systems. The mitochondrial damage gives would-be parents even more of a reason to be mindful of their EMF exposure.

How to Protect Yourself from 5G Exposure

While in an ideal world we could simply opt-out of 5G and EMF technology, that is not an option for many of us. Since businesses and government officials seek to make 5G technology available to everyone, there few places that we can go to escape WiFi and EMF. Plus, many of us depend on technology for our livelihood, making avoiding it completely impossible. 

There are ways that we can protect ourselves and mitigate some of the damage of EMF technology. Because the research on 5G is lacking, though, we can’t know exactly what we need to do because we’re not sure of all of its effects. However, supporting our overall wellbeing and following smart EMF exposure can be a helpful start.

Some ways we can support our bodies in an EMF saturated world include:

  • Grounding/Earthing. EMF radiation emits positive ions, or free radicals, that constantly collide with the body. Grounding, sometimes called earthing, counteracts this with negatively charged ions to neutralize these free radicals for better overall health. Simply spend some time outdoors without shoes to harness the benefits of the Earth.
  • Daily sun exposure. Spending all of our time indoors can have a detrimental impact on our circadian rhythms. Instead, spend time in the sun every day to help set your circadian rhythm for better sleep and wellbeing. Morning sun is the most beneficial, but noontime and sunsets also provide benefits. 
  • Blue blocking glasses. For most of human history, the only source of light at night was fire. As a result, our bodies were created to release specific hormones for sleep and wellbeing at night when there was no more blue sunlight. However, light bulbs and technology emit blue light at night, confusing the body and messing with our hormones. Counteract this by wearing specific glasses to block blue light between sunset and sunrise.
  • Sleep. Sleep is a powerful time of restoration for the body. Make sure to get a full night of sleep every night for maximum health.
  • Nutrient-dense foods. Likewise, the food we eat can help keep our immune systems and bodies strong. Eat a varied, nutrient-dense diet to give the body the fuel it needs to maintain health.
  • Exercise. Movement offers a number of benefits to counteract the harms of EMF. It helps keep the immune system strong, boosts mental health, and aids the detox processes. Get as much movement as possible, even if that means a walk a few times a week.
  • Fun. The world can be scary, and it is easy to get sucked into the stress and anxiety of modern life. Ironically, learning more about the dangers of EMF all around us can add to that stress. Take some time every day to have some fun and relieve that stress. Enjoying a hobby, playing with our children, and spending time with our loved ones are all ways we can put enjoyments back in our every day.
  • Consider moving. If you live in a 5G city, you may want to consider moving. However, 5G will likely be everywhere in the next decade, so it might not be a long-term solution. There are still places that will have less exposure, though. Try to stay away from living in a densely populated area, such as an apartment building. Also, try to avoid living near towers.
  • Reduce cell phone use. Keeping cell phones away from the bedroom at night and avoiding charging them near our heads (such as on a nightstand) are critical ways to prevent unnecessary exposure. Putting cell phones in Airplane mode eliminates all EMF from them as well. Turn off WiFi at night for less exposure and better sleep. Also, consider wiring homes with ethernet cables to avoid exposure in the home and not use WiFi at all.

The more we support our health and wellbeing, the more we can help our bodies under the onslaught of EMF and 5G. A positive mindset and taking ownership of our health are powerful ways to support our wellbeing, even when we have no control over our EMF exposure.

Maintaining Our Health in the Modern Era

There are many threats to our wellbeing that we do not see. 5G, EMF, and microwave radiation are all advances that make life easier and more fun, but at a deep cost to our mental and physical health. It compromises our mitochondria, which cascades into various health issues, as well as affecting the DNA of future generations.

While we can slow the damage and protect ourselves in some ways, we need to be vigilant about reducing exposure and trying to eliminate it in our lives as much as possible.



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