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"Got Off Meds"

"Got off BP meds and diabetes meds! The most Awesome product I’ve ever used! Period!! "

- Mike Branch

"I Take It Daily!"

"I originally purchased it for my daughter who struggles with anxiety, but ordered one for myself as well. Immediately I noticed a sense of calm when I take it. And notice a difference if I skip a day. It’s nice. I just mix it in my coffee with my other Primal Herb products and get on with my improved day."

- KellyD

"Feeling The Difference!"

"I am loving your products and really noticing the difference with adding them to my morning smoothies. Awesome product!"

- Prairiesage

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does The Gift Card Expire?

    The gift card expires in 5 years, which gives you plenty of time to take advantage of the savings.

  • What Can I Use The Gift Card For?

    The gift card can be used to purchase any product in the Primal Herb Store. Can not be used for Wholesale orders.

  • When Will I Get My Gift Card?

    You'll receive the gift card immediately after purchase, which will be sent to your email. It can be used anytime for up to 5 years

Customers With Incredible Results!
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Very beneficial

I have interstitial lung disease. This product is extremely effective for my condition.

Amazing products!!!!

The LNG-RENEW is the most amazing product, goes in my coffee, no taste at all and helps my lungs so much, so glad I found you guys! Thank you!!

I’ve used these 3 nights. I sleep better, and if I wake up, I quickly fall back into dreamland. I don’t worry about not going back to sleep, it just happens. I have a terrible arm falling asleep issue that gives me bad anxiety…think it’s a pinched nerve in my scalenes…this is very helpful! Thanks for all these wonderful products!
good product
It is really very good product. Effectively influence to make positive health.
Mrs. Blanca Martinez
I am 69 years old and I have taken this product for the last 5 years and I feel great.
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