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Review for LVR-RENEW: Liver & Kidney Support
A natural herb way of healing
I have been using primal herb products for over 2 years. They work for me. I’m 58 years young ride and workout every day. It makes a difference to be able to use an herb instead of over the counter pain pills etc. thank you for what you do
Review for LNG-RENEW: Lung and Respiratory Support
Love my LNG Renew

Since I began using LNG Renew, I have been breathing easier and cleansing my lungs. I live at high altitude (10,500 ft) and am oxygen at night time. Since I began using LNG Renew, My O2 has been staying at 94-95 through my oximeter, without Oxygen!! I put it in a shake and never even know I’m getting so much goodness! Reasonably priced and tastes great!
Thank you Primal Herb!

Review for Neuro Shroom : Supports Cognitive & Mental Performance*
Good quality

The packaging is good quality and environmental with a wooden measuring spoon included. I’m not sure how much my memory has improved but I feel like it has. The taste is good so it’s enjoyable to drink

Review for He Shou Wu Plus - Aged Prepared Root Extract Powder 30:1
Delicious drink and beneficial in many ways!
Very good product with so many health benefits as are all Primal Herb offerings. They know their products and they come highly recommended – I have now tried a few and would say they can help you feel and be your best – comforting.
Review for Neuro Regen: Neurological & Nerve Support*
Short time to tell

Done lots of reading and studying of this product and ingredients, short of using this, but will give it a fair length of time. I love the packaging and the nice small spoon that comes with it. I’m trusting and believing with a open mind for great results.

Neuro Regen testimonial
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