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So glad I found Primal Herb

I’m always looking for new holistic everything to better our lives and I am glad I found PH.
I will be a lifelong customer. I’m 49 & in good health, but my hair is thinning, and grey roots are coming in, I’m getting tired easier, my patience is nonexistent, my bad cholesterol is naturally a bit high, and my cortisol levels are higher than should do to work stress so I thought I’d try He Shou Wu and it REALLY has helped. My grey hair is slowly going away, my hair is growing and a bit thicker, my levels are getting back to normal and I’m good while I’m under stress. I like the taste of this. I have 1 tsp every morning in my protein shake with CARDIO BLD-FLOW and EX-CANDIDA and 1 at night in a cup of lemon tea with collagen powder. I 100% feel the difference if I run out, and I don’t ever want to run out. Thank you primal herb

Helps with Neuropathy
The product seems to have helped the neuropathy. I smirked when I saw goatweed as an ingredient and tried it out of desperation and because I’ve heard good things about lion’s mane and broccoli extract. I’m currently sharing my stash with someone who needs it more than me.

Due to divorce stress and home repair stress, I lost quite a bit of hair. With this, my hair is grown back and is long again I highly recommend it!

Awesome Product

I have been taking Primal Herb Chaga Mushrooms for over a year and other Primal Herb products. Their products have helped me with my health issues.

LNG-RENEW seems to be working.

I have experienced a noticeable difference in how my lungs feel. It’s hard to describe, but “clear” is the best word I can think of. I felt better with the first cup and drinking one every evening now to maintain that. My lungs feel better when I exercise as well. I didn’t have any serious symptoms, but I feel like I breath easier. Thank you.

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