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Instantly Noticeable Difference

I’ve used this for a week now and on day 1 I used my inhaler only twice. Deeper breaths, cough has definitely subsided…highly recommend!

Works for me

I tried the Yin herbal blend to help stave off my “life change” and so far, so good. My mood is better, my body is less achy and I’m not as tired as before. My boyfriend notices if I forgot to take it, so that says something. I was really impressed by the taste, it’s actually quite good. I froth it into my milk before adding coffee and it’s just got a unique, yummy taste. I’m on my second box now and would recommend this to other women going through “the dreaded change”.

Mushroom Complex

Great product. I always was interested in mushrooms and their health benefits. I would buy this again.


I could tell a difference in the first few days. I add it to my morning coffee, and there is no yucky taste! Worth the purchase!

Alpha Complex
Hi, I am 61 y.o. male practicing daily yoga and meditation. The first product I tried was Alpha Complex after my wife ordered LNG-RENEW and felt improvement with her chronic bronchial/lung condition. I ordered Alpha Complex about a year ago and noticed an improvement in my frequent urination pattern and raised testosterone level. I used to get up 2-3 times a night and now can sleep through the night! Amazing!!! I refuse to take any pills because of side effects and prefer natural remedies. Currently, I drink the Reishi Shroom Complex as an immune booster every morning instead of a cup of tea (no caffeine) as a preventive remedy for colds, and planning to order another Alpha Complex because I like the taste the most of the four products that I ordered from Primal Herb (incl. Gynostemma Plus). I love the idea of a botanical extract and I salute Primal Herb for being there for us!
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