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Prepared He-Shou-Wu Plus

Using He-Shou-Wu has given me a fighting chance in having a healthy aging process.
Being 66 and trying to sustain my general well being He-Shou-Wi has given me rave reviews at the doctor’s office. My blood work apparently looks amazing, and I’ve retained most of my natural brown coloring and hair.
I’ve been taking this tea steadily for many years. A great product!

Noticed good changes

I breathed heavily, it was scarier when I had to gasp for a long breath while sleeping. I’ve been taking this for almost a month, and I’ve seen big improvements. Hopefully, it will keep getting better.


Well, it’s only been a few weeks, but I do feel my breathing is better! I am so hoping for more healing ❤️‍🩹


The Candida product is the BEST Ever . . . All previous symptoms are completely gone. I will continue to take this product. THANKS for a great product that provided immediate results.

Healthy lungs

I have been using the Primal Herb LNG-RENEW for several weeks now and have noticed a difference in my ability to breathe fully. I do not use an inhaler or any prescription drugs for my condition, and hopefully, with this product, I will not have to. Give it a try.

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