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Grape Seed Effective for Combating Cancer? What The Research Says

Who would have thought the humble grape—the vine-ripe berry we love in wines, jams, and many other foods—could hold hope for fighting and helping reduce the chances of cancer? Even more surprising is that the …

By Primal Herb

Dandelion: Protect the Kidneys and Strengthen Bones

When we think of healing botanicals, we might think of exotic, rare plants and fungi that only grow in secret little corners of the world. This is true in the case for some of these, …

By Primal Herb

Natural Cold and Flu Prevention Using Mother Nature & Lifestyle Hacks

We all live busy lives. None of us have time for a cold or flu. Taking steps to reduce the chances of sickness and getting over it quickly when we succumb is a top priority …

By Primal Herb


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