It’s easy to take our reproductive health, libido, and sex lives for granted. That’s especially the case if everything is going perfectly well and without a hitch.

And yet, issues in the bedroom are the most likely to sneak up on us and take us by surprise.

It’s not like these issues are life-threatening to health, like heart disease, stroke, or diabetes. It may not even seem like they can or should be fixed, or are a big deal when it comes to health, either.

Truth is, libido and bedroom performance DO affect our lives and our health.

In fact, it’s a big part of health, though it all too often gets overlooked.


Sex is an important part of feeling good about oneself. If one’s sex life is struggling, it can cause anxiety, stress, depression, and more.

What’s more, these issues often result from very physical, health-related causes. It’s not all in the mind—there are very real happenings in the body that contribute to sexual health, and they can be supported.

Medications, therapy, and other mainstream approaches are recommended or prescribed by doctors for sexual health problems.

But there’s a deeper history of more natural remedies used to help sex drive and reproductive health, and many of these have historically involved herbs from past traditions and cultures.


Troubles in the bedroom certainly aren’t a new thing. Ancient herbals and texts show not just an extensive history of sexual health problems through humanity’s existence, but also a vast body of work undertaken by herbalists, natural healers, doctors, and more to discover what natural medicines might help the problem.

There’s an astounding amount of herbal remedies for sexual health that have come out of Asia and its healing traditions.

This includes Ayurveda in India, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China and beyond, and traditions from other areas including Korea, Japan, and southeast Asia.

Better yet, science and research are starting to see their own potential in these herbs for sexual health, too.


What have science and tradition discovered in how herbs can help us?

Over the decades, they’ve revealed quite a bit about their therapeutic potential. Rather than working like a “magic bullet” or “aphrodisiac” like some claims have advertised, they’re known to support various aspects of health that lead to sexual health and performance issues.

Here are the top ways they help.


For men especially, this is a huge help to increased sexual energy and performance. To some extent, it can be a help for women in minor ways, too.

Boosting testosterone in men is one of the best and most immediate ways to reignite and rekindle bedroom performance.

Herbalists have noticed this over the centuries, while scientists are confirming this with their research, too.

Herbs might lift testosterone in many different ways. They may help release the male hormone from SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) for better availability, or lower levels of SHBG or even estrogen altogether, which can also help.

Some herbs might also mimic testosterone which thus helps the body respond as if there were more of the hormone present, and thus boosts libido and performance.


Better yet—and an even bigger worry among men—herbs may help with erectile dysfunction.

Increasing testosterone is one thing, and it can indeed tie into erectile dysfunction, but not always.

Studies show some herbs help other dimensions to erectile dysfunction that simple testosterone-boosting can’t. This may include supporting cardiovascular health, improving blood pressure, helping weight and metabolism, and possibly more.

So, while testosterone-boosting is what doctors might recommend, turning to herbs might offer more.


Low libido can involve challenges with hormones and blood pressure, but it can also be linked to a simple energy and fatigue issue.

Luckily, many performance-boosting herbs tackle issues with libido, hormones, and low energy all in one.

This is because lots of botanicals famed as sexual tonics or for “aphrodisiac”-like effects are also adaptogens. They help protect the body from overall stress, such as chronic inflammation, adrenal fatigue, low cortisol levels, and more.

This also helps banish issues like chronic fatigue or brain fog, which in turn can lead to problems with low libido and sexual energy, too.


Better believe stress and depression can also cause low libido. The same can go with dealing with anxiety, too.

When we experience mood disturbances and stress especially, this can divert energy from other systems to the nervous system to help deal with it.

It’s not uncommon for stress, anxiety, or depression to have poor effects on digestion, blood pressure, and other bodily systems. It can also have a poor effect on sexual and reproductive health, too.

What’s great about herbs is they can help support people struggling with mental health issues. Extending from this, they can boost libido, too.


As a result of reinforcing and strengthening reproductive health, it’s a no-brainer that fertility is also going to be boosted in the process, too.

As a matter of fact, studies on certain sexual tonic herbs show that they can improve both sperm health and motility, too.

For those concerned about libido because of how it causes fertility problems, certain herbs may be able to kill these two birds with one stone. By supporting better sexual health, it can increase the chances of conception in all ways possible: not just through performance, but also sperm health and motility, too.


For sexual health, herbs are capable of quite a bit according to the discoveries of both herbal healers and scientific research.

There are also quite a few herbs of interest for boosting bedroom performance.

Essentially, science and tradition together have narrowed a lot of exploration and studies down to a handful of very strong contenders to help answer the question: which precise herbs are the most likely to help with performance?

While there are LOTS more herbs and botanicals that could possibly improve sexual health according to science, the following number among those with the greatest reputations.


Though not an herb per se, cordyceps is a powerful mushroom that nevertheless tops the list of botanicals that could benefit sexual health.

One study shows it can indeed boost testosterone, though it also has amazing benefits for increasing energy levels, according to another study. Not only that: one study showed it helps protect against stress, while another showed anti-depressant-like effects.

By ramping up testosterone and energy, this makes cordyceps the ultimate cocktail for better libido and performance.

It could also have more mild effects on mood disorders known to interfere with sex drive, like depression and stress-related disorders, though more studies are needed.


Could there be a better herb for stamina and performance than one called “horny goat weed”?

Scientifically known as epimedium, this Chinese herb has been almost synonymous with the words “herbal aphrodisiac” for centuries. But do the studies on it hold up to its rich and colorful history?

For male health, apparently, they do—and fairly well.

One study shows great benefits for male health, such as increasing testosterone, improving sperm health, and reducing erectile dysfunction. Another study showed a strong endocrine effect to help keep cortisol levels low, which can reduce stress, increase energy, and boost libido all in one.


There’s nothing that won’t benefit from a helpful extra dose of antioxidants, and grape seed extract happens to have them in spades.

Grape seed is best-known for containing resveratrol, one of the most potent antioxidants being studied today.

It’s known for helping lower inflammation, which in turn can cause a lot of stress in the body that, over time, can “domino-effect” to blood pressure issues, mood disorders, and more than all have an impact on sexual health.

A study also showed it may help lower estrogen levels, which can benefit men struggling with low libido. As a bonus, studies show it may also help reduce the risk of prostate cancer, which can also interfere with sex drive.


Notable powers for sexual health can be found in this southeastern Asian herb, which at other times is called “Malaysian ginseng” for its far-reaching wellness benefits.

Among these include boosting testosterone, increasing energy, improving stress levels, and even replenishing male fertility.

One study even showed it could be a natural alternative to testosterone replacement therapy. Another study showed higher energy, another that it was good for stress, while another reversed infertility in male test subjects.

Long jack‘s important place in Traditional Chinese Medicine is definitely no coincidence, while scientific research also agrees: for boosting libido, the herb could be incredibly useful.


Unlike other sexual tonic herbs listed here, mucuna pruriens is not shown to boost testosterone. But it does bring other very intriguing benefits to the table—or rather, the bedroom.

Most notably, this healing herb—also known as “velvet bean”—has been shown to have amazing perks on energy levels in test subjects.

What’s more, the test subjects were infertile males. Thus, they showed better overall hormone balance that eventually led to increased and more normal levels of fertility.

Last but not least, studies also show an antidepressant-like effect on depression from mucuna. The mood disorder can frequently contribute to lower sex drive.


Sounding more like an ingredient for fairy magic rather than male health enhancement, pine pollen has some interesting properties that none of the other libido-boosting herbs can claim to have.

Remarkably, pine pollen can mimic testosterone.

Studies reveal this to be true, which means that adequate amounts of pine pollen may be able to replace testosterone replacement therapy and in a more natural, organic way.

However, more studies will be needed before it could ever be considered an official testosterone replacement therapy by doctors. In the meantime, it could be the pinch of herbal magic needed to help restore decreased sexual energy, and then some.


The search for natural, herbal, 100% pure support for better performance and energy is over.

We’ve carefully crafted Alpha Complex to speak to the deficiencies of male sexual health as men age, encounter disease, or experience other causes for lower drive, stamina, and performance.

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